Heading In The Right Direction

Sometimes showing up is a big part of the battle. But, even if you do show up, you have to make every effort to head in the right direction.

I recently heard fromĀ Albin Lohr-Jones, who had come across a nice little marble sculpture at Green-Wood. When Albin found it, it looked to his eye like something was very wrong. Here’s what he saw, and photographed:

Before. Photograph by Albin Lohr-Jones.
Before. The view from in front of the monument–though clearly from behind the figure.
Photograph by Albin Lohr-Jones.

Well, something does look amiss here–beyond the missing head. The inscription is on the front of the granite base of the monument. And, one would reasonably expect that the sculpture mounted on that base would have the same orientation as the base; that it would not be greeting visitors butt first.

So I contacted Frank Morelli, the head of Green-Wood’s Restoration Team. Frank quickly sprung into action and got things properly oriented.

After–with all heading in the right direction.

Once again, as intended, base and sculpture are oriented in the same direction.


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