February 11: De Witt Clinton

February 11: De Witt Clinton, mayor, governor, senator, and presidential candidate, as well as the promoter of the Erie Canal, which made New York City the world’s financial center, died on this date in 1828.

February 10: Bradley Martin

February 10: The Bradley Martin Ball, intended to be “the greatest party in the history of the city,” was held on this date in 1897. The police were called out to prevent demonstrators, angry at the money spent, from storming the Waldorf Hotel.

February 6: Roy Smeck

February 6: “Wizard of the Strings” Roy Smeck, who was widely acclaimed for his work on the banjo, ukelele, and guitar, was born on this date in 1900.

From Disaster, Hope–A Follow-up

Soon after Hurricane Sandy hit, I blogged “Sandy Hammers Green-Wood.” David Dunlap of The New York Times reported soon thereafter, “Many Cemeteries Damaged, But Green-Wood Bore The Brunt of the Storm.” On December 13, I reported that, in the wake of the massive damage Hurricane Sandy had caused to Green-Wood (300 trees destroyed, several hundred … Read more