Green-Wood’s World War II Project

Seeking the Help of Families and Friends to Identify and Honor WWII Veterans Interred at Green-Wood.

To mark the 80th anniversary of the United States’ entry into World War II, Green-Wood has launched its World War II Project. We’re seeking your help as we identify and honor the people interred at Green-Wood—military, medical, and civilian—who bravely served our country in the European and Pacific Theaters, or right here at home.

Do you know someone who served in World War II and now rests at Green-Wood? Then you can help!

We’re hoping to identify as many veterans as possible. It is an arduous process. Our dedicated team will spend countless hours on this important project. You can become an important partner in this effort just by letting us know if you have relatives or friends who served in WWII and are interred at Green-Wood. It’s a simple way to preserve and honor their history.

Here’s how to help: Please fill out the form below with as much information as possible on the individual(s). You can also email or call 718-210-3045.

The World War II Project follows the success of our Civil War Project (which identified more than 5,000 Civil War soldiers interred at the Cemetery) and WWI Project (which identified over 200 veterans buried at the Cemetery).

This is just the beginning. Along with staff and volunteers, we’ll utilize Green-Wood’s extensive archival records, public records, and other resources to identify and honor these men and women. Ultimately, we’ll compile an online, searchable database of these people along with biographies. And keep a look out for upcoming programs and tours in honor of their service; the first one is scheduled for Memorial Day 2021. Later, we hope to have a gathering of relatives and friends to honor these people who sacrificed so much for our country.

At Green-Wood, we’re committed honoring the legacies of our permanent residents. Thank you for your help in telling the stories of our WWII veterans!

Jeffrey I. Richman
Green-Wood Historian

World War II Project Form

Thank you for helping us identify the veterans of WWII who are interred at Green-Wood. We ask that you answer a few short questions to help us begin our research. Please fill in as much of the information requested below as you are able. If you don’t know an answer, go on to the next question. And please be patient; we have received more than 100 responses already—which is great—but it will take time to address them all. You may email us at with any additional information you find. Thank you!

By sharing information (data, photographs, etc.) via this form and otherwise (by email, telephone, etc.), you agree to allow The Green-Wood Historic Fund to publish that information on its website and other outlets as a part of its WWII Project. You also agree to allow The Green-Wood Historic Fund to contact you. Your contact information (email, phone number, and address) will not be published or shared.

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    If possible, providing an exact date will help our research.

    If possible, providing an exact date will help our research.

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