Green-Wood’s Collections offer a rich photographic record of the cemetery grounds as they appeared circa 1870. Little has changed in 150 years in some of these pairs; much has changed in others.

On Cypress Avenue in sections 138/139, looking west towards Hillside Avenue and the last of the hills at Green-Wood. Note that the image at left dates from circa 1895:

Looking across Crescent Water, from Vale Avenue, towards the Niblo Mausoleum:


Looking west down Ravine Path, in section 36, towards Sylvan Water:

Across Sylvan Water, looking southeast, from Sylvan Avenue, near where sections 38, 39, 40 and 41 meet:

The Matthews Memorial, in section 61, at the intersection of Walnut and Valley Avenues:

Circa 1900, above Arbor Water, which was filled in, circa 1910, for the construction of the Historic Chapel (which appears at left in the “Now” photograph):