One of the best ways to explore Green-Wood without getting lost is by using one of our comprehensive free maps. Find some of Green-Wood’s famous and infamous 560,000 permanent residents, visit one of our four picturesque lakes, visit Battle Hill, get directions to Green-Wood or just plan your own tour through Green-Wood.

To obtain a free copy of a map of Green-Wood, you can access a PDF version of the map at this link (right click and save to download), or ask for a copy when you visit Green-Wood at the guard booth or office at our main entrance at 500 25th Street (at 5th Avenue), Brooklyn, NY. Click on the controls below to browse a digital map:

Trying to locate a burial? Click here to view a map showing Section numbers. Don’t know what Section the burial is in? Find out using our burial search feature. To find the precise location of a Lot, use the kiosk in the Administrative Office or opposite the security guard’s station in the Arch (located at the Main Entrance on 5th Avenue at 25th Street).