We have a broad range of projects volunteers can work on. Sometimes Green-Wood volunteers create their own project, based on their specific interest. Troy Kreiner was studying graphic design when he volunteered at Green-Wood. Here he describes his project:

My interest in Green-Wood Cemetery began on a class trip while attending the Cooper Union. Green-Wood historian Jeff Richman showed us the skeleton key collection, which mesmerized me. I took it upon myself to volunteer the next year . . . scanning all the skeleton keys and creating a digital archive of all the keys. After carefully composing all the skeleton keys on the scanner bed, I wanted to further elaborate on my research into specific people who had mausoleums. Which lead the creation of my exhibition, “Do Good Green-Wood.”

The exhibition celebrated the 175th anniversary of Green-wood Cemetery at the 41 Cooper Gallery. Showcasing a selection of philanthropists who are interred at GWC—an effort to further the philosophical notion of altruism.

What does it mean to have a legacy? Providing access, as a philosophical objective, is the agent that binds the “Do Good Green-Wood” exhibition with Peter Cooper’s mission for the Cooper Union, as well as the philanthropists interred in Green-Wood Cemetery mausoleums. Each individual is represented by an assortment of artifacts and artistic installations, depicting their life achievements as well as the monumentality of their space at Green-Wood. The exhibition functions as a showcase, providing a closer look into the history and physical representation of the following individuals:

Mary Foote Henderson (1842–1931) who donated land around Washington D.C. to be turned into a park and library, and was an early advocate for healthier eating as preventive healthcare; Henry Bergh (1813-1888), founder of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; and Louise Havemeyer (1855–1929), a significant member of suffragist movement in NYC, as well as a major art collector and donor to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Scroll down for a slide show of Troy’s scans of the key sets. Troy has provided us with an elegant, and graphic, record of them. Thanks, Troy, for volunteering!

  • Adams, Calvin