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Sacred Passage Passport: Rituals From Around The World

November 14, 2023 , 6:00pm 7:30pm

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With nearly 8 billion people on Earth—that’s 8 billion different perspectives on death, each influenced by the regional and cultural norms embedded in those individuals’ daily lives. 

What can we learn from these diverse perspectives? How can we broaden our outlook beyond the limitations of American customs?  

Journey around the globe with us as we explore funerary customs and rituals from 195 countries. Some of these may sound familiar—like casket dancers in Ghana or paid mourners in Italy—but do you know how or why these rituals started?

Price: Free. Registration required.

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In this introduction to global perspectives on death, we’ll touch upon facts from as many countries and cultures as we can in the hope that it sparks your curiosity and opens you to new perspectives on how we care for the dead.

Research completed by Sarah Posey and Gabrielle Gatto.

Free. Registration required. Please consider a $10 donation to the Green-Wood Historic Fund so that we can continue to offer free and low-cost programs throughout the year.


  • Attendees must follow ALL instructions and guidance from Cemetery staff and ambassadors.
  • Tickets: There is no need to print tickets. Attendees will be checked in by name.
  • Where to go: Contactless check-in will take place at the Modern Chapel near the Main Entrance at Fifth Avenue and 25th Street (500 25th Street).