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Rowan Renee: The Perimeter Path

Free and Open to the Public Daily, 10am–5pm, through September 4th. The Perimeter Path is an immersive installation in the Historic Chapel by Green-Wood’s 2022 artist in residence, Rowan Renee. Through extensive onsite research into the public burial lots around the Cemetery's perimeter and the meticulous crafting of works in marble and glass, Renee investigates how race and class influence memorialization.

Rooftop Films Presents: Rooftop Shots – Closing Night 2023

One last night of summer breezes, bittersweet tales of closings and commencements, and a final fête in the cemetery. Let’s bid farewell to the summer and another incredible Rooftop season with a captivating finale of our favorite short films. This collection of stories plumbs the depths of the human experience, the familiar and uncanny, through ... Read more