cairns sound walk
Credit: Courtesy of HERE Arts

Gelsey Bell


Cairns is a soundwalk through Green-Wood created by Gelsey Bell as an opportunity for listeners to meditate on the land we inhabit, sink into an arboreal temporality, and unearth the stories of a few historic trailblazers. Written and narrated by Bell with music by Bell and composer Joseph White, the walk can be experienced at the listener’s own leisure. You can download these tracks on a mobile device and do the walk in-person or simply listen at home and let the audio transport you there. The artist strongly suggests you listen with headphones in order to take full advantage of the binaural mixing. The walk starts from Green-Wood’s Sunset Park Entrance at Fourth Avenue and 35th Street 

Cairns was lauded in the press, and featured in The New York Times, the New Yorker, and WNYC, among others.

Text, Music: Gelsey Bell 
Music, Sound Editing, Field Recording: Joseph White 
Audio Consulting, Mixing: Brent Arnold 
History Consultation: Linda M. Waggoner 
Bagpipes: Thomas Haggerty 
Recorded at The Green-Wood Cemetery and the Bell-White home in Brooklyn, NY 
Mastered by Ithaca 

Commissioned by HERE Arts 
Presented in partnership with The Green-Wood Cemetery 
Additional funding from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts