Burial and Vital Records: 1840-1937


The records in this series are composed of numerous data points through which you can begin your research. The below guide is meant to help you as you navigate.


The easiest way to begin your search is through the main search bar on the right side of your screen. This option allows you to search most of the data fields at once. (Data fields included in this search include: Name, lot and grave numbers, birthplace, place of death, late residence, marital status, cause of death, undertaker/funeral director, cause of death, date of death, date of interment and any notes or remarks. A description of each field is located here.) Please note that search terms are not case sensitive.

There are several ways in which you can modify your search term to refine your results. Click the terms below for more info on each.


You can refine your search using the filters located in the box at the left side of your screen. This enables you to add specifications to your search pertaining to different data fields. By searching and selecting data in one of those fields, or, for numerical fields, setting a range, you can apply a filter to your search so that you will only receive results that meet the specification(s) you have selected. 

To use a filter, locate the name of the data field you are hoping to refine, and click to expand. For the Name field, you will want to simply type your search term into the bar. You will notice that your search term has now been applied as a filter to the results displayed at the right. (Note the box that has appeared under the main search bar.) For other non-numerical fields, as you type into the search bar, associated values will begin to populate beneath your text, each with a check box in front of them. Check off one of more of those boxes to add a filter to your results. (These will also appear in a box under the main search bar) For numerical fields (Date of interment, Age at death, and Date of death), use your mouse to move points along the line to specify a range within which you wish to search. When you have selected your range, this will also be added as a filter and appear under the main search bar.   

With filters applied, you will now see only results that meet the specifications you have set. You can then review these results or refine them further by adding a term in the main search bar. When you are done, you can remove these filters by closing out each of the filter boxes beneath the search bar or clicking “clear all.”