FAO Schwarz source packet:

○ Photo of his monument

○ Source 1: Advertisement in The New York Times

● Source 2: 1911 toy catalog

Profile of FAO Schwarz on Green-Wood’s website

● Paper and pencil, scissors, markers, tape/glue

Step 1: Learn about Schwarz

● Start by looking only at Schwarz’s monument. Observe it closely.

○ What do you KNOW about him based on his monument?

○ What do you guess or infer?

○ What do you WONDER about him?

● Read Schwarz’s biography above and look at the store catalog and newspaper ad. NOTE: Make sure to look through the first few pages of the catalog for photos of the store

○ What do you KNOW about him based on these sources?

○ What do you guess or infer?

○ What do you still WONDER about him?

○ Why do you now think he’s called the “Father of Baseball”?

○ Did you make any inferences based on his monument that these other sources confirmed? Or did these sources change your mind?

Step 2: Create your own toy!

● Make a toy out of materials you find in your home. Make sure to ask your parents before using
any materials you find.

● Get inspired: look at the toys in FAO Schwarz’s catalog and think about toys you like to play with

● Think about material: what materials do you have lying around the house. Anything could become part of your new toy: toilet paper tubes, toothpicks, egg cartons, fabric, plastic bottle tops. Check your recycling bin!

● Get your materials together and start creating

○ If you don’t know where to start, look at your materials for inspiration. Does the shape remind you of something? Can you see a way that it could be turned into something else?

○ Use scissors, tape, glue, and markers to put your materials to use

○ If you still don’t know what to make, that’s okay! Start constructing and see what happens.

Step 3: Reflect and Share

● What was easy and what was hard about making your own toy?

● FAO Schwarz’s toy store was the biggest in the world in the nineteenth century. Looking at the toys in the catalog, how are they similar or different from the toys you play with?

● Share your toy with Green-Wood! Share a video or picture with us on Instagram using the hashtag #GreenWoodisMyClassroom