Anna Ottendorfer source packet:

○ Photo of her monument

○ Source 1: New York Times article about her funeral

○ Source 2: Photo of the New Yorker Staats Zeitung

Profile of Anna Ottendorfer on Green-Wood’s website

● Paper and pencil, scissors, tape/glue

Step 1: Learn about Ottendorfer

● Start by looking only at Ottendorfer’s monument. Observe it closely.

○ What do you KNOW about her based on her monument?

○ What do you guess or infer?

○ What do you WONDER about her?

● Read Ottendorfer’s biography above, the article about her funeral, and look at the photograph of the newspaper. Note: the whole article may be hard to read. Read the first beginning and the section about Mr. Schurz address that talks about her work.

○ What do you KNOW about her based on these sources?

○ What do you guess or infer?

○ What do you still WONDER about her?

○ Did you make any inferences based on her monument that these other sources confirmed? Or did these sources change your mind?

Start a newspaper covering the news in your household!

Here’s an example

○ Note: it doesn’t have to be long, it can just be one page

● What do you want to call your newspaper?

● What are some stories you want to report on? What is going on in your household? Has anything exciting or unusual happened that you want to report on?

● Some tips for creating a newspaper:

○ Interview a family member

○ Write a story about a pet or stuffed animal

○ Review a book or movie you saw or meal you ate

○ Write about an activity you and your family have done

○ Research a topic that interests you and write about it

● Come up with catchy headlines for your stories

● Draw or find pictures to go with the stories

● Put it all together:

○ Write the title of your newspaper and today’s date on the top of a sheet of paper

○ Cut out your all your stories and pictures and glue or tape them together on one piece of paper, or if you have more stories, make multiple pages of your paper

● Write all the stories yourself or have other people in your household contribute to the newspaper too!

Step 3: Reflect and Share

● What was easy and what was hard about making a newspaper? Were there stories that were easier to write than others?

● Anna Ottendorfer ran a German language newspaper called the New Yorker Staats Zeitung. Why do you think having a newspaper in her language was important to her and other German Americans? Have you seen other newspapers in languages other than English?

● Do you think having newspapers in your language are important? What kinds of things do people get from reading newspapers?

● Did you learn anything new writing your own newspaper?

● Share your newspaper with Green-Wood! Share a video or picture with us on Instagram using the hashtag #GreenWoodisMyClassroom