Susan Smith McKinney Steward source packet:

○ Photo of her monument

○ Source 1: Source 1: Brooklyn Daily Eagle article February 7, 1870 about her medical school

○ Source 2: Brooklyn Daily Eagle article April 10, 1893 about an art show in her home

Profile of Steward on Green-Wood’s website

● Paper, pencil, scissors, markers

Step 1: Learn about Steward

● Start by looking only at Steward’s monument. Observe it closely.

○ What do you KNOW about her based on her monument?

○ What do you guess or infer?

○ What do you WONDER about her?

● Read Steward’s biography on Green-Wood’s website and the article excerpts about her.

○ What do you KNOW about her based on these sources?

○ What do you guess or infer?

○ What do you still WONDER about her?

○ What was it like to be a woman in medical school?

○ Did you make any inferences based on her monument that these other sources confirmed? Or did these sources change your mind?

Step 2: Make a poster for a cause you care about!

● Pick a cause you care about:

○ What is something in your community or school that you want to change?

○ Is there something you think is unfair or unjust?

○ Is there a group in your community already fighting for change that you want to help?

● Make a poster to share your cause with others:

○ Think about what you can do to make change in your community or to help your cause

○ If there is already an organization working for that cause, how can you help them?

○ What do you want people to know about your cause? How can you get others to care about it too?

○ Tips for making your poster:

 Find exciting facts

 Use big letters

 Use pictures as well as words. What images can illustrate your cause?

 Colors! Make it bright and eye-catching!

Step 3: Reflect and Share

● What cause did you choose to make a poster for? Why?

● What causes did Susan McKinney Steward care about? How did she give back to her community?

● How did she get others to care about her causes?

● What were some challenges she faced and how did she get past them? Are there any challenges in
fighting for the cause you care about?

● Share your poster with Green-Wood! Share a picture with us on Instagram using the hashtag #GreenWoodisMyClassroom.