Henry Chadwick source packet:

○ Photo of his monument

○ Source 1: Scientific American article about pitching

Profile of Chadwick on Green-Wood’s website

● Paper and pencil

Step 1: Learn about Chadwick

● Start by looking only at Chadwick’s monument. Observe it closely.

○ What do you KNOW about him based on his monument?

○ What do you guess or infer?

○ What do you WONDER about him?

○ Why do you think he’s called the “Father of Baseball”?

● Read Chadwick’s biography on Green-Wood’s website and the article that he wrote for Scientific American. Note: the whole article may be hard to read. Read the first paragraph and then check out the images.

○ What do you KNOW about him based on these sources?

○ What do you guess or infer?

○ What do you still WONDER about him?

○ Why do you now think he’s called the “Father of Baseball”?

○ Did you make any inferences based on his monument that these other sources confirmed? Or did these sources change your mind?

Step 2: Become the founder of a sport!

● Invent a game that you and your family can play in your home.

● Follow Chadwick’s lead:

○ Invent at least two RULES for your sport. Tips: think of what it takes to win, and at least one thing that is not allowed.

○ Invent special lingo for your game. What words can you make up that apply to your game and what do they mean?

○ Tips for inventing a sport for your home:

 Use items you already have on hand.

 Think about how someone can win or lose the game first. What is the object of the game?

 Consider games that involve moving an item from one place in your home into another, or into a “goal” space. Make sure the item is not special or fragile.

● If you are moving an item around, what parts of your body are or are not allowed to touch it. Hands? Feet? Or are you only allowed to move it with another item, like a stick?

 How will people use their bodies in this game? Make sure you move safely in your home!

 What is the best surface, or field, for your game? Does this game get played mostly on the floor? On a table? On a bed? How do you set up your field for the game?

 Who are the players of your game? Do individuals play against each other, or on teams? How many players can there be?

 How is your game scored? How many points does it take to win? Can a player or team ever lose a point? If so, how? What happens if there is a tie?

 What makes your game challenging? How can you add in obstacles that make it harder for either side to win?

Step 3: Reflect and Share

● What was easy and what was hard about coming up with your own game and special words for it?

● Chadwick didn’t play baseball professionally, but he’s still considered a “father” of the game. What do you think his most important contribution was?

● What other figures besides players are important in a sport you love? How do they make the game interesting, important, or more widespread?

● Share your game with Green-Wood! Share a video or picture with us on Instagram using the hashtag #GreenWoodisMyClassroom.