This video about the most common kinds of stone found at Green-Wood
● Optional: This note-taking worksheet
These images of Green-Wood monuments
● Pencil and paper, if you want to take notes.


● Green-Wood and other cemeteries are great places to explore different types of stone. We have over 100,000 grave markers and memorials that we collectively call “monuments” and mausoleums on site. While made of many different materials, three are most common: granite, marble, and brownstone.
● In a moment, students will watch a short video featuring Neela Wickremesinghe, Green-Wood’s Robert A. and Elizabeth Rohn Jeffe Director of Restoration and Preservation. She’ll explain information about granite, marble, and brownstone and how to identify buildings made of these materials using three Green-Wood mausoleums as examples.
● After students watch this video, they can then review the monuments on this page and try to guess what each is made from. Answers are at the bottom of the page, so no peeking!


Watch the video! We recommend viewing twice.
● First viewing: just watch and listen. Second viewing: take notes on the qualities of each stone. You can use this sheet!


● Check out the monuments on this page. See if you can identify which monument is made of which stone.
● Answers are at the bottom of the page.

After your visit:

● Look out your window or walk around your neighborhood. Can you spot any buildings or other structure made out of brownstone, marble, or granite?
● If you need help identifying a building material, send us a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #GreenWoodIsMyClassroom.