Recommended for ages 4 and up. Younger children will need adult assistance.

Search for the most common bird species found at Green-Wood this time of year!

Curriculum Connections:

● Next Generation Science Standards

○ 2-LS4-1. Make observations of plants and animals to compare the diversity of life in different habitats.


● A pencil.

Birding at Green-Wood Hunt PDF (print at home or pick it up at any of Green-Wood’s entrances).

● Optional: binoculars, a monocular (easier for younger children), a camera/phone, a notebook, crayons or colored pencils, water, and snacks!

○ If you bring art materials, please make sure not to put any markings on the monuments!

Before your visit:

● Preview the birding scavenger hunt as a family:

○ Find out more information about each bird on the hunt online through Cornell University’s ornithology website. Learning about these birds beforehand will help you find them at Green-Wood:

American Robin

Palm Warbler

Red-Tailed Hawk

American Crow

Great Egret

Northern Mockingbird

Northern Cardinal

● Take a look at a map of Green-Wood: Think about where you want to walk to find different birds. Great Egrets like water, Northern Cardinals nest in shrubs and tangled vines. Plan a route that will take you to at least one of our glacial ponds.

● Optional: watch the video on our Alive at Green-Wood page called “Wildlife at Green-Wood”.

● Talk about bird watching etiquette with your student(s). It will be important to be quiet, not get too close to birds you spot, and not try to touch or feed any wildlife, birds included.

● If you see a bird that you think might be injured, leave it alone and notify Green-Wood security or call Kings County wildlife rehabilitator Theresa M Cervera at 917-612-9374 or Do not touch or try to feed it.

● If your student(s) are very new to birding, check out this article from the Audubon Society on getting kids into birding.

During your visit:

● Dress in comfortable, closed-toe walking shoes, and bring weather-appropriate layers. Keep in mind it is often a bit windier in the Cemetery than on the streets.
● If you choose, you may leave flowers or other living plant materials in remembrance of any individual in the Lots.
● Pick up a Birding at Green-Wood Hunt at any of our entrances if you didn’t print one at home.
● As you explore, make sure you’re looking in trees, on the ground, in shrubs, and near water for different birds. Keep fairly quiet and stand as far away as possible from wildlife in order to observe them.
● If you brought a notebook and drawing materials, sketch anything in nature that you find interesting.
● Take pictures of interesting parts of nature that you are curious about! If you find a bird not on our list that you want to identify, create a free account with E-Bird, Merlin Bird ID, Inaturalist, or Seek (a kid-friendly version of Inaturalist). These allow you to take pictures of what you see and identify birds in the moment. Be prepared to list where you found the bird when you enter a sighting into one of these apps.

After your visit:

● Make a memory book of your visit to Green-Wood. Use the pictures you took, or draw some. Write down new words you learned and experiences you had.
● Share your favorite bird pictures with us on social media using the hashtag #GWisMyClassroom!