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Executive Office
Richard J. Moylan, President
Sara Durkacs, Corporate Secretary
Marissa Martinez, Executive Assistant

Memorial Counselors and Services
James Loiacono, Office Manager
Richard Sneddon, Superintendent of Commemorative Services
Gema LaBoccetta, Crematory Manager
Maria Theresa Landro, Memorial Counselor
Sam Lee, Memorial Counselor
Katie Alleman, Memorial Counselor
Michael Ciamaga, Memorial Counselor

Design & Landscape
Art Presson, Vice President of Design and Landscape
Joseph Charap, Director of Horticulture
Neela Wickremesinghe, Manager of Preservation and Restoration
Daniel Rodriguez, Manager of Grounds Operations
Sara Evans, Project Manager

Accounting & Finance
Arlene Bascom, Vice President of Finance and HR
Sonia Bennett, Chief Accountant
Jaiwantie (“Taren”) Mahadeo, Accounting Analyst, Installment Sales Coordinator
Berk Aksap, Purchasing Coordinator
Barbara Montenigro, Union Payroll and Accounting Specialist

Eric Barna, Vice President of Operations
Frank Morelli, Facilities Manager (including Film and Locations)
Luigi Arnone, Fleet Manager
James Loiacono, Operations Manager
Jhon Usmanov, Supervisor of Interment and Foundation Department
Jack Mekelburg, Assistant Supervisor of Commemorative Services

Development, Programming, Education, Collections and Archives
Lisa Alpert, Vice President of Development and Programming
Tony Cucchiara, Archivist
Robin Chamberlain, Director of Development
Penelope Duus, Manager of Membership and Public Engagement
Stacy Locke, Manager of Historic Collections
Derya Mergin, Manager of Public Programs
Jeff Richman, Historian
Rachel Walman, Director of Education
Harry Weil, Director of Public Programs and Special Projects