Executive Office
Richard J. Moylan, President, info@green-wood.com
Jane Cuccurullo, Corporate Secretary, janecuccurullo@green-wood.com
Sara Durkacs, Assistant Secretary and Lot Holder Relations, saradurkacs@green-wood.com

Memorial Counselors and Services
James Loiacono, Office Manager, jamesloiacono@green-wood.com
Richard Sneddon, Superintendent of Commemorative Services, richardhsneddon@green-wood.com
Gema LaBoccetta, Crematory Manager, glaboccetta@green-wood.com
Maria Theresa Landro, Memorial Counselor, marialandro@green-wood.com
Sam Lee, Memorial Counselor, samlee@green-wood.com
Katie Alleman, Memorial Counselor, katiealleman@green-wood.com

Design & Landscape
Art Presson, Vice President of Design and Landscape, artpresson@green-wood.com
Joseph Charap, Director of Horticulture, jcharap@green-wood.com
Neela Wickremesinghe, Manager of Preservation and Restoration, neelawickremesinghe@green-wood.com
Daniel Rodriguez, Manager of Grounds Operations, danielrodriguez@green-wood.com
Sara Evans, Project Manager, sevans@green-wood.com

Accounting & Finance
Arlene Bascom, Vice President and Comptroller, agbascom@green-wood.com
Sonia Bennett, Chief Accountant, soniabennet@green-wood.com
Rose Ann Darson, Accountant and Payroll Administrator, roseanndarson@green-wood.com
Jack Mekelburg, Accounting and Purchasing Coordinator, jackmekelburg@green-wood.com
Jaiwantie (“Taren”) Mahadeo, Intern, jaiwantiemahadeo@green-wood.com
Berk Aksap, Purchasing Coordinator, berkaksap@green-wood.com

Eric Barna, Vice President of Operations, ericbarna@green-wood.com
Frank Morelli, Facilities Manager (including Film and Locations), frankmorelli@green-wood.com
Luigi Arnone, Fleet Manager, luigiarnone@green-wood.com
James Loiacono, Supervisor of Interment and Foundation Department, jamesloiacono@green-wood.com
Jhon Usmanov, Assistant Supervisor of Commemorative Services, jusmanov@green-wood.com

Development, Programming, Education, Collections and Archives
Lisa Alpert, Vice President of Development and Programming, lisa_alpert@green-wood.com
John Connolly, Director of Public Engagement and Development, jconnolly@green-wood.com
Tony Cucchiara, Archivist, tcucchiara@green-wood.com
Steven Estroff, Manager of Education and Outreach, steveestroff@green-wood.com
Stacy Locke, Manager of Historic Collections, stacylocke@green-wood.com
Derya Mergin, Historic Fund Coordinator, dmergin@green-wood.com
Jeff Richman, Historian, jeffrichman@green-wood.com
Harry Weil, Manager of Programs, harryweil@green-wood.com