The Golem: Its Origins and Its Futures

Legend has it that in the sixteenth century, in a secret mystical ritual, Rabbi Loew of Prague brought to life a creature with superhuman strength to defend the local Jewish community against anti-Semitic attacks. What he created was a golem, from the Hebrew meaning "shapeless man," whose origins can be traced back to the ancient world. Brian Contoir and Rabbi Dan Ain lead an eye-opening exploration into the many legends surrounding the golem, and how they have evolved through the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. What can humanist or religious perspectives teach us about this creature? Why has its story resonated across generations? Are there parallels with recent advancements in robotics, drones, and artificial intelligence?

Become a Citizen Pruner

Stewardship and pruning hugely reduce a tree’s vulnerability to common urban threats such as pedestrian and vehicular traffic, drought and storms. In New York City, where there is limited funding for tree maintenance but significant need, Citizen Pruners provide a great asset to our urban environment.

(Sold Out) Tiffany at Green-Wood

Green-Wood is home to an extraordinary collection of Tiffany stained glass. Join Green-Wood’s historian Jeff Richman and Lindsy Parrott (Director and Curator at the Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass) for this first-ever tour of the windows. Conservator Julie Sloan will also join us, as will Kent Watkins, an expert on Mary Tillinghast, a little-known, but immensely talented stained glass artist who is interred at Green-Wood. For security reasons, no photography will be permitted on this tour.

Magicians and Mediums

In the 1850s, New York City was absolutely agog for the tale of the three, young Fox sisters who claimed they heard mysterious knocking sounds that came from the spirits. (The oldest sister, Leah, and their parents, are interred at Green-Wood.) Later proven to be a hoax, the phenomenon sparked the popular and enduring movement of spiritualism. This walking tour will explore the legacies of Spiritualism and stage magic, which often came into conflict with each other. Visit the graves of many bizarre and fascinating practitioners of these two nineteenth-century phenomena.

(Canceled – Rain) Twilight Tour

There are few places more atmospheric than a cemetery at dusk - and Green-Wood is top notch when it comes to beauty and atmosphere. As the sun sets on 478 spectacular acres, you'll weave through stunning landscapes and visit the graves of fascinating figures in New York and American history. This not-to-be-missed walking tour ends with a visit to the Catacombs, which are normally closed to the public.

Unmarked Graves

A gravestone marks the burial place of the deceased, but what about those who have lain anonymously for a century or more? For many reasons, a final resting place may be unmarked, leaving no physical indication of the burial. That’s why Green-Wood launched the Unmarked Graves Project in 2015. Join Green-Wood’s historian Jeff Richman for this first-ever visit to the recently marked graves of Currier and Ives’s leading artist Fanny Palmer; popular Civil War-era illustrators Edwin Forbes and Thure de Thulstrup; poet James Kirke Paulding, who wrote the popular “Peter Piper” tongue-twister, and more.

Modern Loss: Candid Conversation About Grief. Beginners Welcome.

How do we navigate a loss? How do we share the unspeakably taboo, unbelievably hilarious, and unexpectedly beautiful terrain of grieving? Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner, co-founders of the website Modern Loss, talk candidly about thriving in the face of grief, loss, and how to connect with other people who just "get" it. And absolutely no judgment, tips to help you "get over it", or the phrase "Everything happens for a reason." Join Green-Wood and Because Jewish for a conversation with Rebecca and Gabrielle about their new book, Modern Loss: Candid Conversation About Grief. Beginners Welcome, which explores empathy, resilience and the power of sharing our stories.


Moonlight Tours

Join other fearless trekkers to explore Green-Wood’s intriguing tombstones and unforgettable catacombs under the glow of the full moon. Historian Jeff Richman leads these immensely popular walking tours, which begin at sunset and are accompanied by the ethereal and atmospheric sounds of live accordion music. Buy your tickets soon; these tours always sell out.

Twilight Tour Part Two

Have you been on Green-Wood's popular Twilight Tour and want to explore more? Or have you just always been curious to experience the Cemetery after the gates close to the public? Here's your big chance! As the sun fades over the horizon, go beyond Battle Hill and the Catacombs to discover the other side of Green-Wood. Stroll alongside our two biggest glacial ponds. See the monuments to Indian Princess Do Hum Me and Charles Calverley's bas-relief portrait of four year-old George Cuyler ("Precious Georgie"). Learn about Emma Cunningham's sensational trial for the murder of Harvey Burdell in 1857 and the 1854 sinking of the S.S. Arctic, among other fascinating tales.

Memorial Day Concert

Green-Wood Cemetery 500 25th Street, Brooklyn

It’s a NYC favorite – now in its twentieth year! Bring a blanket and enjoy this free early summer performance featuring the ISO Symphonic Band and Orchestra. Each year we feature the works of Green-Wood’s permanent residents like Fred Ebb, Louis Moreau Gottschalk, and Paul Jabara. This year’s concert will include a special program to celebrate the 100th birthday of Leonard Bernstein, the famed composer and conductor of the New York Philharmonic, who created timeless works such as West Side Story and On the Town, among others.

(Sold Out) The Secret Society of the Sisterhood

Green-Wood Cemetery 500 25th Street, Brooklyn

Under a summer sky, lit by the full moon, join producer and performer Trish Nelson in a vow: "I am here tonight to pledge my support to my fellow sisters." And then the storytelling begins! Nelson, who has put together live shows and tours across the country for Key & Peele, Broad City, Amy Schumer, and many others, brings her West Coast sensation, The Secret Society of the Sisterhood to Brooklyn. The theme of the evening is: "So...That Happened." Prepare yourself for true tales that are sincerely heartfelt and often hilarious!