Weekly Schedule for:
Thursday, May 16, 2019 to Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Thursday, May 16, 2019
Deceased NameFuneral DirectorTime
Keith GlaudFrank Barone Funeral Home9:15 am
Francesco BarbaroDahill Funeral Home11:00 am
Dorothy SteeleFamily11:00 am
Bernadette ProtaColonial Funeral Home11:15 am
Amelia TrittoTorregrossa Funeral Home11:15 am
Bernadette ProtaColonial Funeral Home11:15 am
Shuyi LiuBoe Fook Funeral Home12:30 pm
Lev VidokleFamily1:00 pm
Nu Be QuanNG Fook Funeral Home1:00 pm
Friday, May 17, 2019
Deceased NameFuneral DirectorTime
Carmen RosadoLas Rosas Funeral Home10:30 am
Anthony JonesR.S. Legall Funeral Home10:30 am
Rosaria CrocillaColonial Funeral Home11:00 am
Joan DixonFamily11:00 am
Jie Ren MoChinese Wah Lai Funeral Home11:00 am
Santina PassantinoProspero Funeral Home11:30 am
John MartorellaMiraglia Funeral Home11:45 am
Poy NgWan Shou Funeral Home11:45 am
Saverio PalumboTorregrossa Funeral Home1:00 pm
Dorothy CinquemaniFamily1:00 pm
Saturday, May 18, 2019
Deceased NameFuneral DirectorTime
Joanne WarrenLisa S. Dozier Funeral Home10:00 am
Susan JeromeCleveland R. Vaughan Funeral Home10:30 am
Theresa PotterLockwood Funeral Home10:45 am
Claude JohnsonGuarino Funeral Home11:15 am
Stone ChaoWah Wing Sang Funeral Home12:45 pm
Sonia HyltonFrank Bell Funeral Home1:45 pm
Irene WashingtonFrank Bell Funeral Home2:00 pm
Sunday, May 19, 2019
Deceased NameFuneral DirectorTime
Mary Anna J. AbberleyFamily10:00 am
Monday, May 20, 2019
Deceased NameFuneral DirectorTime
Antoinette RennaSnelling Funeral Home9:00 am
John MosleyFrank R. Bell Funeral Home10:30 am
Valentine BusbyR. Steven Legall Funeral Home10:30 am
George P. SamosSherman Chapels Inc.11:20 am
Maria Nunzia GrassottiScarpaci Funeral Home11:45 am
Joseph DePhillipsAievoli Funeral Home1:15 pm
Sincere HilliardSampson Funeral Home2:00 pm
Leonardo CentenoOrtiz Funeral Home2:00 pm
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Deceased NameFuneral DirectorTime
Sergio A. TelloFamily11:00 am
Alfred S. BooteFamily11:00 am
Richard WilliamsTorregrossa Funeral Home11:00 am
Zoraida RamosJurek Park Slope Funeral Home11:15 am
Joseph ValentiClavin Funeral Home11:30 am
Fritz NeubauerInternational Funeral Home11:30 am
Jellene ScalesHarmony Funeral Home11:30 am
Yau Ling ChiuBak Ling Tong Funeral Home1:00 pm
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Deceased NameFuneral DirectorTime
Richard PapeMcLaughlin Funeral Home10:45 am
LeRoy SimonBrooklyn Funeral Home11:00 am
William RingwoodByrnes Funeral Home11:00 am
John McShaneFamily11:00 am
Joan KennedyClavin Funeral Home11:45 am
Noel MaraquinInternational Funeral Home11:55 am
Linda LewisCaribe Funeral Home1:00 pm
Herodica Barreto VelezMcLaughlin Funeral Home1:30 pm

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