Civil War Biographies: Nugent-Oxley

NUGENT, HENRY R. (1837-1906). Private, 7th Regiment, New York State Militia, Company D. Nugent was born in New York City and lived there with his parents and siblings at the time of the 1850 census. During the Civil War, he enlisted as a private at New York City on April 19, 1861, and served for … Read more

I’m All Alone in a Palace of Stone, sheet music by Lon Mooney, 1926

In 1926, Edward West Browning (1875-1934) entered into an ill-fated marriage with 16 year-old Frances “Peaches” Heenan. A successful real-estate developer in New York, Browning showered his young bride with lavish gifts. Less than six months after the wedding, “Peaches” sought a separation, citing odd behavior from her husband, including his insistence that a honking goose be kept in the bedroom. The ensuing trial made for a sensational news story. I’m All Alone in a Palace of Stone: The ‘Peaches’ and Browning Song was written about the scandalous affair. The lyrics describe Frances Heenan Browning as “one of many fools, who sold her love for jewels” who was “trying to care for an old millionaire, wasting the best of [her] years.”

Civil War Biographies: Pabst-Perrin

PABST (or PAPST), JACOB (1833-1881). Private, 52nd New York Infantry, Company I. Of German birth, he enlisted at New York City on October 5, 1861, and mustered into the 52nd on November 1. As per his muster roll, which used the name “Papst,” and the Report of the Adjutant General, he deserted at Harrison’s Landing, … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Perry-Preston

PERRY, EDGAR (1839-1864). Lieutenant colonel, 139th New York Infantry, Company F. Perry, a native of New Hurley, New York, and a bookkeeper by trade, had two grandfathers who served in the Revolutionary War. He enlisted as a captain at Brooklyn on September 6, 1862, was commissioned into the 139th New York three days later, and … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Price-Ricard

PRICE, GEORGE (1825-1895). Rank unknown, United States Navy. According to a descendant, Price who was born in England, served in the United States Navy during the Civil War. He last lived at 48 Adelphi Street in Brooklyn. Section 137, lot 29503, grave 2. Civil War Bio Search Read the introduction and archive here. PRICE, GEORGE … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Rice-Ryker

RICE, RICHARD E. (1847-1891). Private, 13th Regiment, New York State Militia, Company H. Of Irish origin, he served for three months in 1861 with the 13th Regiment. He joined the G.A.R. on December 15, 1890. His last residence was at 184 22nd Street, Brooklyn. Shortly after his death from asthenia, Mary Rice applied for and … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Sage-Shimmel

SAGE, AUGUSTUS B. (1842-1874). Colonel, 11th New York Infantry; captain, 170th New York Infantry, Company B; 17th New York Veteran Infantry, Companies D and A; 84th New York Infantry (14th Brooklyn). Born in Connecticut, Sage, a stationer, had an interest in rare coins and medals that led to his forming an Antiquarian Society, of which … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Shipman-Spackman

SHIPMAN, SYLVESTER D. (1821-1886). Private, 7th Regiment, New York State National Guard, Company G. Born in New York State, Shipman enlisted at New York City as a private on May 25, 1862, mustered into the 7th Regiment for three months that day, and mustered out at New York City on September 5. His last residence … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Spaulding-Summers

SPAULDING, JOSEPH C. (1842-1864). Unknown soldier history, Confederate States of America. A Confederate soldier, details of his service record are not known. On August 22, 1864, he died at Point Lookout, Maryland, of bilious fever. Section 197, lot 27246. SPEAIGHT (or SPRAIGHT), WILLIAM A. (1826-1889). Captain, 7th Regiment, New York State Militia, Company E. After … Read more

Civil War Biographies: Sumner-Utassy

SUMNER, ALBERT E. (1840-1882). Surgeon, United States Navy. Originally from Hartford, Connecticut, he graduated from Trinity College there and studied medicine at New York University receiving a diploma from the latter school. According to his obituary in the Brooklyn Standard Union, he served as surgeon in the Navy during the Civil War, although there are … Read more