“Green-Wood at 175” is Hot Off The Presses

Green-Wood is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year in several special ways. There is a great exhibition, “A Beautiful Way to Go,” at the Museum of the City of New York. We are also posting an entry on our website of Green-Wood-related dates–one for every day this year. And, now, hot off the presses is … Read more

September 10: Elias Howe

September 10: On this date in 1846, a penniless inventor, Elias Howe, was issued patent 4750 for his invention of a sewing machine that created a lockstitch; his invention would go on to revolutionize clothing manufacture and make him a millionaire.

September 9: Edward Sewall Sanford

September 9: Edward Sewall Sanford, who brought his experience as the president of the American Telegraph Company to the Union Army, serving as a colonel supervising telegraphs, died on this date in 1882.

September 8: Harold Hartshorne

September 8: Harold Hartshorne was born on this date in 1891; he became the United States Ice Dancing champion five times, then a skating judge, but died when the United States Figure Skating Team was wiped out in a 1961 plane crash.

September 7: Robert Willmott

September 7: Captain Robert Willmott of the SS Morro Castle died on this date in 1934 of a heart attack as he tried to bring his ship towards New York Harbor; soon thereafter, the ship caught fire and 135 lives were lost.