The “Monitor,” 150 Years Later

Yesterday was the 150th anniversary of the launching of the Monitor, the iron ship that changed naval warfare forever. On January 30, 1862, “The Monitor” was launched from the Continental Iron Works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. President Abraham Lincoln personally approved the plans for the Monitor, saying,”All I have to say is what the girl said … Read more

Morse Bronze Plaque, Heading Home

Samuel Finley Breese Morse (1791-1872) was a giant of the 19th century world and is one of Green-Wood’s most famous permanent residents. Morse had three extraordinary careers: as painter, photographer, and telegraph inventor. Morse was the leading portrait painter of his time; he was chosen in 1826 to be the founding president of the National … Read more

A Dusting Of Snow . . .

We had our first snow of 2012 on Saturday–the first snow at Green-Wood since that historic snow at the end of October–when we got to see snow on the ground while trees were still in fall foliage. You can find photographs from that day here. It was a very nice dusting–not a lot of snow, … Read more

The Wizard . . . Of Juggling!

I got an envelope in the mail last night. Its contents got me laughing, so I thought I would share them with you. Frank Morgan (1890-1949) is best-remembered today for his performance in the classic movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” Morgan, of course, was the Wizard, and played five other roles in the movie. His … Read more

A Generous Koppelman Donation

Last week, Dorothy Koppelman, widow of artist Chaim Koppelman, generously donated one of his artist’s proofs to Green-Wood’s collections. Chaim Koppelman was born in Brooklyn in 1920. He studied art in WPA classes, married painter Dorothy Myers in 1943, then took part in the World War II Normandy invasion and earned a bronze star. Returning … Read more

A Bald Eagle Comes For a Visit–Take 2

On December 13, I posted about the sighting of a bald eagle at Green-Wood. Well, like so many others, it looks like our bald eagle is very much enjoying Green-Wood’s grounds. It has been seen several times by several people, including strollers, bird watchers, and members of our grounds crew. Here’s Ryan Morrisey’s dramatic account … Read more

Then And Now, In The Neighborhood

Ben Feldman, our volunteer extraordinaire, has been cataloguing our Historic Fund collections for years. Ben occasionally takes time off from cataloguing to blog, research, and write books. And, he gives talks also. If you would like to join Ben this Saturday at Green-Wood, to hear his tales of research (“Uncovering Long-Lost Stories: Digging Dirt At … Read more

Two New Paintings

Green-Wood’s president, Richard Moylan, has been collecting paintings by artists who are interred at Green-Wood on behalf of our Historic Fund for eight years now. For the 2008 New York Times article about this, “Green-Wood Cemetery Builds A Collection,” click here. Rich recently acquired two very interesting paintings. One is by Letitia Bonnet Hart (1867-1953), … Read more

Two Art Deco Gems

We continue to collect on behalf of our Green-Wood Historic Fund–items pertaining to Green-Wood itself (historic photographs, maps, guides, etc.) and those that help us tell the story of our permanent residents. As an earlier post noted, Walter Dorwin Teague (1883-1960) was one of the giants of 20th century industrial design. His remains lie in … Read more