A Busy Sunday

I’ve been leading Halloween-related tours of Green-Wood (featuring spirits, murders, and mayhem) for about 20 years now. It has always been one on the Saturday before Halloween, then one on the Sunday. And, not surprisingly, given the association of cemeteries and Halloween, these are typically our biggest tours of the year. But this year was … Read more

What’s Old Is New Again

Henry George (1839-1897) came a long way. Born into a middle class Philadelphia family, he left school at the age of 14, ending his formal education, to work as an errand boy. He worked for years, and was long penniless. But he became a writer, and began to earn a living. Struck by the post-Civil … Read more

Open “Houses” A Home Run

We tried something new this year for openhousenewyork: opening up many of our tombs that had never before been opened to the public. And it was a huge hit. From big crowds–we had 2,000+ online reservations, plus hundreds of walk-ups–to enthusiastic attendees–just about everyone I spoke with seemed to be having a great time–to volunteers … Read more

Louis Lang: Artist

This is Louis Lang (1814–1893), painter and Green-Wood permanent resident. His gravestone, on the hill adjoining our Historic Chapel, describes him simply: “Artist.” We have several of his paintings in our Green-Wood Historic Fund collections, including this gem, which we recently acquired: And here is a spectacular Lang painting, just restored, that is about to … Read more

On TV This Week–Twice!

Over the years, I’ve taken part in quite a few videos about Green-Wood. Some have been great, some not so much. But I am very much looking forward to two that will have their premieres in the next week. One is a local production for NYCMedia, a part of the mayor’s office. Dave Evans is … Read more

Green-Wood Open “House”

Openhousenewyork, featuring free access to New York City’s best architectural features, began in 2003. And Green-Wood has participated in it annually since then, with a great performance across the grounds of music and dance, “Angels and Accordions.” But this year, on Saturday, October 15, and Sunday, October 16, we have something very different and exciting … Read more