No Smoking, Please

Well, this is interesting. As you may know, New York City just banned smoking in public parks. But, Green-Wood did that more than a century ago. I just took a look at one of the passes issued by the cemetery to lot owners in its early years. We have many of these passes in our … Read more

It Was Lost, But Now Is Found

Green-Wood has over 560,000 people interred in its ground. It also has tens of thousands of monuments and gravestones. Not surprisingly, some of those monuments topple over every once in a while. And, when they do so, the grass will grow and they may disappear into the earth. In fact, since we started our Civil … Read more

Discovered: J.P. Reynolds, Artist

On December 23, 2010, I blogged about a painting I had just purchased on behalf of the Green-Wood Historic Fund that memorialized the Civil War career of Major Edward Marrenner. I explained how happy I was to have acquired it and that I had never seen anything like it. Well, now we know quite a … Read more

“The Two Orphans,” With A New Home

We continue to collect items, on behalf of our Historic Fund, to tell the story of Green-Wood and its permanent residents. Several months ago, I learned from Sarah Simms, one of our volunteers, that Dr. Stanley Burns and The Burns Collection, for whom she works as librarian and cataloguer, had a wonderful album in their … Read more

Odds and Ends

Thought you would find this tweet, sent on Memorial Day, interesting: @KBAndersen New York City, Omaha-born New Yorker, public radio host (Studio 360), novelist, journalist (Vanity Fair, New York). @KBAndersen Kurt Andersen In the shade on grass at Green-wood Cemetery with my family, among 100s of Brooklynites listening to Rhapsody In Blue. Bliss. #MemorialDay 30 May … Read more

The Spoon River Project

THE LATE SHOW: OUTDOOR THEATER COMES TO GREEN-WOOD with THE SPOON RIVER PROJECT   Imagine sitting deep within Green-Wood Cemetery on a beautiful summer’s night when some of its permanent residents begin to appear in the distance, assemble in front of you, and one by one divulge their secrets, their private thoughts, their regrets and … Read more