The Saved In Time Program

Saved in Time is a direct appeal to philanthropic individuals, organizations and companies to join The Green-Wood Historic Fund in conserving and restoring a selection of our endangered monuments, and to aid us in our obligation to preserve the artistic legacy of the past.   To learn more about “adopting” a specific monument or contributing … Read more

Restoration Projects

William Wheatley and Burnham Family Lot Two more significant monuments have been restored recently by The Green-Wood Historic Fund. The monument to William Wheatley, co-producer of the first American musical, The Black Crook (1866), and also the theatrical agent for an actor by the name of John Wilkes Booth, was recently restored by Aegis Restauro. … Read more

Restoration Project Photo Galleries

Green-Wood staff meticulously document the restoration and preservation processes for monuments around the cemetery. Restoration can be as simple as cleaning an existing monument, uncovering a lost monument from the ground or full restoration and fabrication of broken or missing monument pieces. Click here for more on the Saved in Time program’s completed and ongoing … Read more

Writer Paul Auster’s Favorite Place — Guess

Writer Paul Auster is both prolific and award-winning. His most recent book, Sunset Park, was published this year. Auster was recently asked by Travel & Leisure to name his favorite place. The choice was an easy one for him: Green-Wood Cemetery. He describes Green-Wood as “one of the most remarkable places in all of New … Read more

They’re Hot!

At a recent Weschler’s auction in Washington, D.C., Green-Wood’s permanent residents did very well. The top lot of the auction was “A Young Aspiring Sailor” by John George Brown (1831-1913), which soared to $192,950. A native of England, Brown studied painting there, then came to America in 1853 and settled in Brooklyn. There he continued … Read more

Birds Flying High

Marge Raymond and Rob Jett have been birding at Green-Wood for years. And, remarkably, after all these years, they still are making new discoveries. So, just last week, they were out birding at Green-Wood when they came across something they never before had seen there: a flock of bluebirds. Now, I know from a fifth … Read more

Philip Carlo: Rest in Peace

On Friday, November 12, Philip Carlo, who wrote best-sellers about serial killers and hit men, was laid to rest at Green-Wood. He died from Lou Gehrig’s disease (A.L.S.) and cancer at the age of 61. Carlo was born and grew up in Bensonhurst. Here’s how he described, in an interview a year ago, the early … Read more