Green-Wood Gates

I was cruising around the cemetery yesterday, leading a tour on our trolley, when we came across this scene. There were Domenick Lanzi, our master ironworker, and his assistant, Vincent Joseph, installing my cast iron gate. Now, it really isn’t mine, at least not anymore. I bought it about five years ago at an antiques … Read more

More Coincidences

The Medal of Honor has been awarded only 3,446 times since it was first given in 1863. Just two weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Don Morfe. Don is a very active and dedicated volunteer with the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. He spends a lot of time researching and going out to cemeteries, … Read more

A Brave Soldier: Captain Samuel Sims

Samuel Sims was described in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle as “one of the bravest and best beloved of all the brave men who went from Brooklyn to fight the battles for the preservation of the Union” and “as brave a man as ever drew a sword.” That’s Sims above, in his Civil War uniform, early … Read more

Spring Has Sprung

Here’s the headline on the front page of today’s New York Times: “Summer Overtakes Spring; Confusion Reigns.” The article describes the reaction by New York City’s dwellers to the record high for April 10, set yesterday, of 91 degrees in Central Park. And, over in Green-Wood Cemetery, if wasn’t just the people who were confused. … Read more

A Reb and a Yank

A few nights ago, I was working my way through forms that have been filled out several months ago by our Green-Wood Historic Fund Civil War Project volunteers. The volunteers go through the cemetery’s chronological books, recording the vital statistics (name, place of birth, place of death, last residence, cause of death, and age at … Read more

Two Rudds Are Better Than One

Aaron Brashear is a great friend of Green-Wood Cemetery. And Green-Wood pays this friendship back by providing Aaron with an endless array of photographic opportunities. Aaron is at Green-Wood in snow storms, wind storms, spring and fall, shooting photographs, then shooting some more. He recently posted the photograph above on Flickr. It is in the … Read more