You have choices at Green-Wood.

Making decisions before need on type of memorialization and purchase of memorial property allows you and your loved ones to rest assured that an informed and the best decision was made. For more than 170 years, The Green-Wood Cemetery has provided caring, dignified and courteous service to families. Please see the links below for more information about our specific services:

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    Our professional memorial counselors are also available to help you make your choice. Please call our office at 718.768.7300 or e-mail us at with questions or to make an appointment.

    Hillside IV Mausoleum

    Estate Planning
    Purchase of memorial property, made before need, is an act of mutual love and understanding. It allows you, together with your loved ones, to make the selection of your final resting place, removing any possibility of doubt or regret. Your selection can be made after careful deliberation and not under the extreme emotional distress experienced upon the loss of a loved one. Green-Wood offers a wide variety of options.

    Another very important consideration is the savings you can realize by making a selection now at today’s prices, rather than in the future, at prices which are sure to be higher. Regardless of your age, it makes sense to select your final resting place now.

    The Green-Wood Cemetery continues to provide dignified and courteous service to families as we have for more than 170 years. Our professional memorial counselors are available to help you make an informed choice. Please feel free to call our office at 718.768.7300 to schedule an appointment.

    Perpetual Care: Maintenance, Endowments and Annual Care
    Brooklyn’s landmark Green-Wood Cemetery is a full-service, not-for-profit cemetery and all funds are used for maintenance and improvements. Your selection at The Green-Wood Cemetery, wherever it is situated, is guaranteed in perpetuity by the Laws of New York State. General care is given to all parts of the Cemetery: grass is cut on a regular schedule, paths and gardens are maintained, and sunken graves are filled, leveled and seeded as part of the Cemetery’s routine upkeep.

    Thousand of lot owners, however, have found added comfort in the extra care given to endowed lots. The interest earned by your endowment is used to provide added care to your lot, and the principal of the endowment can never be violated based on the laws of New York State. Please contact our main office at 718.768.7300 for more information on endowed lots.

    Should the establishment of an endowment not be possible at this time, please consider our annual care program. Annual care provides maintenance comparable to that received by an endowed lot, but is billed yearly and may be cancelled at any time. For more details, please contact us at 718.768.7300.